Back on Campus…As An Alum?

Almost five years ago, I stepped onto the campus of Princeton University, eager to begin the 4-year journey that many look ever-so-forward to. But with that eagerness came plenty of unknowns and plenty… Continue reading

7 Phases of a Typical Workday as Shown by Animal Vines

You’ve graduated. You’ve entered the real world. Let’s take a look at your typical day at the office courtesy of Animal Vines:

Keeping Things in Perspective: Reliving the May 2014 San Diego Wildfires

So often are we reminded to “Live every day as if it were your last” or “Make every minute count, since you never know when it’ll be your last.” Yet,┬áit can be difficult… Continue reading

A Post-Grad First: Returning For My First Princeton Reunions

  Tomorrow, I will be embarking on an emotional 3 day trip and a post-grad first: my first Princeton Reunions as a graduate. When I first created ‘America’s Finest Tiger,’ much of what… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge theme is “Good morning!” It asks the question, “How do you start your day?” Well, I start my day by waking up to San Diego’s beautiful sunrise shining… Continue reading

6 Emotions You Feel When You Graduate College

You’re about to graduate college. You’ve finished your last final ever. You’ve packed most of your bags. You’ve sold your futons and donated clothing you didn’t need anymore. You’ve played in your final… Continue reading

The Beginning of the Best Four Years of Your Life

Today marks the official move-in day for freshmen at my alma mater, Princeton University. A truly exciting and memorable day for students, their families, faculty, and the university. The beginning of something special,… Continue reading

Looking Back: What High School Tennis Meant to Me

For those who don’t know, high school tennis is vastly different from high school football, basketball, and baseball, at least in terms of college implications. The best high school wide receivers, point guards,… Continue reading

3 Post-Grad Lessons from Tony Gwynn

Many of us post-grad bloggers constantly preach one lesson: Do what you love. It’s an important reminder in the millennial era in which the expectations are so high but the number of opportunities… Continue reading

4 Atypical Pump Up Songs

As a tennis player the past 15 years, music has always been the foundation for my pre-match preparations, as is true for most all athletes. Here are 4 atypical pump up songs that… Continue reading