Now It’s Your Turn, Boys

Flashback Friday to your 2009-2010 Princeton Men's Tennis Team. What a great group of guys.

Flashback Friday to your 2009-2010 Princeton Men’s Tennis Team. What a great group of guys.

Today marks the first day of the 2013 fall season for Princeton Men’s Tennis at the Farnsworth Invitational.  An exciting day for the team to get off to a good start after a summer of training. The first step of a long journey towards winning that Ivy League team title. But today, September 13, 2013, I won’t be there. I’ve had my 4 years to work my hardest, play my hardest, and leave my mark, Now it’s time for a new team, a new batch of tigers, to go for the gold. For the seniors, it’s their last shot at hanging up the championship banner. For the freshmen, it’s the beginning of the greatest ride of their lives.

I remember each and every moment of my first year on the team. All four years for that matter. The first day of each fall season was always so exciting. Finally, a chance to put on that orange and black uniform again. I remember my first day freshmen year like it was yesterday; I woke up around 6 am, got dressed, spent some time listening to my pump-up playlist of the day, left my dorm room, and ventured on a 5 minute walk down to the tennis courts, bag in hand, headphones in ear. The rest of the year went by so quickly, practice after practice, tournament after tournament, dual-match after dual-match.  And then just like that, all 4 years flew by, and now I’m home in post-grad mode.

Lenz Tennis Center, Princeton University. My sanctuary for the past 4 years.

Lenz Tennis Center, Princeton University. My sanctuary for the past 4 years.

I won’t be there today for the start of the season, but I will always be there, forever, in my mind. I will continue to cheer on the team, whether from home, from work, or wherever life takes me next. I will always get increasingly nervous and anxious when the main dual-match season is about to begin, and so on. So even though I no longer will be on the court playing for Princeton, a part of me will always be there in spirit rooting for the guys, every tournament, every match, and every year. Forever.  A big section of my heart is now permanently labeled “Princeton Men’s Tennis.” Thus, this time around, I won’t be there. Yet I will. 

Good luck today, boys. Go get ‘em and let’s get that Ivy League Title. Go Princeton Tigers #GPT.

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