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Michael Lin:

Hey all, I recently wrote a post for the blog, “20somethings in 2013,” where I basically describe how my career aspirations have evolved since I was a little kid. If you’re in your twenties, I encourage you to check out this blog and write a little story about yourself. You can also read about other people’s posts about their twenties. Happy reading!

Originally posted on 20somethings in 2014:

Michael LinThis post was written by Michael, who is pursuing a career in marketing:

When I was a kid in San Diego, I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I didn’t dream of becoming a doctor, lawyer, teacher, professional athlete, or anything else. I guess I was just too busy being a kid, making new friends, laying out at the beach, and playing tennis. As I inched closer to graduating from high school, I still didn’t have any idea what my dream job was, let alone what I wanted to study in college.

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